Mrs. K. Smith - Principal - Email
Administrative Assistant
Ms. T. Baldwin - Email
EAST Kindergarten and Grade 1, 2
Ms. K Friesen - Email
SOUTH Grade 3, 4, 5
Ms. Toni Brown - Email
No west class this year!
NORTH Grade 6, 7 and 8
Mr. J. McTavish - Email
Student Services (Resource)
Mrs. K. Smith - Email
Student Services (Guidance)
Mrs. K. Deline - Email
Mrs. Kim Magnusson - Email
Education Assistants
Mrs. S. Nault - Email
Mrs. I. Abrahams - Email
Christine Bencharski - Email
Treatment Worker
Meagan Urquhart - Email
Bus Drivers
Mr. W. Clapham
Mr. R. Overton
Teaching Assignments
Early Years Program (K-2) Music (K-3)
Mrs. K. Friesen - Email
Early Years Program (3-5) French (K-6)
Ms. T. Brown - Email
Early/Middle Years Program (6-8) Phys. Ed. (K-8)
Mr. J. McTavish - Email
Numeracy (4-5-6) Art (2-6)
Mrs. K. Deline - Email
Middle Years Program (6-7-8) Music (4-6)
Mr. J. McTavish - Email